For more than 10 years, we have offered services to automobile industry which is one of the most demanding and specialized segments for electronics manufacturing services.

With the increasing amount of content in electronic cars today, products must be reliable and of the highest quality.

The products are often exposed to harsh environments, have long service lives and high-reliability requirements. Our services are tailored to meet these challenges.

We have experience in low-volume and high-mix builds, and can deliver cost savings through shared fixed costs and volume component purchases across our customer base.

Being in business over a decade, we have established a reputation for superior in-house engineering and technical skills along with a healthy financial base.

We have developed and manufactured board assemblies for some of the reputed organizations. With a zero fault and traceability objective, sourcing is part of our permanent commitment.

Applications include:

  • Dash board clocks & Lighting
  • Instruments and Communications
  • Hall effect based Safety Sensors
  • Engine Control and Shifter Sensors

We add value through:

  • Significant experience in the process design
  • A wide range of assembly procedures and tests
  • Supply Chain Management with integrated ERP (SAP) methodology
  • The quality culture within the organization based on continual improvement
  • Lean manufacturing and TPM tools
  • Component engineering services to help resolve obsolescence issues / The proven project management process
  • Component traceability for critical components
  • Extensive experience in repair and upgrade services including failure analysis