Our commitment becomes a reality through the following actions:

Environmental conservation:

Our respect for the environment is one of our core values, and we are committed to its protection. This commitment guides many of our day-to-day business decisions, through policies, procedures and process innovation that ensure those protections.

Our Environmental Management Program details proper collection and disposal of process waste, minimizing and focusing on the elimination of pollution.

We maintain compliance and commit to continued investment to comply with all current environmental legislation, regulations, legal obligations and other related industry requirements.

  • Applying European and international regulations (RoHS, REACH, etc.)
  • Continual reductions of consumption of water & electricity
  • Being proactive towards our clients for the use of non-polluting products in the assembly process for circuit boards


  • Respecting human rights
  • Respecting basic rights at work
  • Requiring our suppliers to respect these rights

Risk management:

  • Analyzing and monitoring supplier and client financial risks
  • Drawing up the continuity of activity plans for industrial risks
  • Identifying risks for staff, making personnel aware of and train them in this subject
  • Confidentiality of customer information