SMT Manufacturing

SMT Manufacturing

Our investment in the latest equipment’s underlines our commitment to be at the leading edge of electronics manufacturing.

With two independent fully automated surface mount technology lines, we provide a flexible manufacturing facility capable of supporting prototype service and large volume production requirements.

By investing in the latest equipment we provide our customers the ability to place the latest components.

SMT Assembly Capabilities at a Glance:

  • Automated placement for single and double-sided assemblies.
  • Fine Pitch 0201 component placement
  • BGA & Micro BGA (Ball Grid Array)
  • Fine-pitched QFPs, passives and SMT connectors
  • Dedicated RoHS compliant SMT line
  • Mixed Technologies (Through-Hole and SMT)
  • Single / Multi-layer complex boards
  • Flexible circuit assemblies / High-density, complex SMT
  • Low-volume to high-volume manufacturing
  • No clean process and ultrasonic cleaning.

SMT Line Configuration Include:

  • EKRA XPRT5 Screen Printers with inbuilt 2 ½ D Inspection & glue dispensing.
  • IPULSE M20 High Speed Machines with chip placement accuracy of +/- 0.05 mm.
  • ERSA HOTFLOW 3/14 with N2 and forced chilled water cooling.
  • Flexibility in component and chip placement.
  • Lines with flexible detachable feeder banks for quick product changeovers / Automated PCB loaders and unloaders.
  • Multiple trays handling capability and a large number of feeders.
  • Board size from 50 mm to 500 mm.

Component Packages Handled:

  • BGA (ceramic, metal plastic) & Micro BGAs
  • 0201 to larger chip-type components
  • Fine pitch connectors

Environmental Controls for Consistent Quality:

Tightly controlled temperature and humidity inside our production facility ensure no environmental impact on the manufacturing process. We maintain environmental conditions of 55% RH and 24 deg C room temperatures within our SMT manufacturing shop floor.

We have also implemented comprehensive ESD precautionary measures to protect sensitive electronic components from electrostatic discharge. Periodic ESD audits performed by our competent team ensures compliance to ESD across the manufacturing facility. We also have built capable processes to handle MSL devices and have invested in a humidity controlled dry chambers up to 5% RH & also on baking ovens for pre-baking of components and baseboards.

In-process inspection on the SMT processes is performed by experienced IPC quality engineers and we use the latest inspection tools to measure the process performance.