Design For Manufacturability

Design For Manufacturability

Our Engineering team works with customers to provide assistance early in the design cycle with advice on design for manufacturability.

As part of this process we will review pre-production data for assembly related issues prior to PCB manufacture.

After prototype assembly we report on any areas of concern that should be addressed prior to volume production.

Our Engineering team provides feedback to the customers on making a product more cost effective to manufacture.

Many of our customers choose to involve us early in the project so we can make inputs into design features.

We help our customers use the best parts and make recommendations for changes to the design that reduce the material costs and overall production costs.

The purpose is to :

  • Ensure the most relia cost-effectivective manufacturing solution.
  • Ensure manufacturability fits within our production capabilities.
  • Ensure ease of test and function validation.
  • Improve product robustness and reliability.
  • Improve production cycle times.

DFT – Design for Testability

We can perform a complete review of the circuit design and trace routing to increase the test accessibility. Also increasing the overall coverage for an In-Circuit-Test and to achieve high product yields in volume production stage are our focus areas. Our team can provide a automated test solution for customers as per the test specifications provided. We can leverage from our organisations machine building capabilities and provide complete test solutions.