PCB Assemblies

PCB Assemblies

Danlaw Technologies India Ltd. has established potential to meet the unique and diverse needs of customers using advanced PCB assembly and testing processes.

We have the ability to provide end-to-end solutions and understand the assembly industry as a skill and process intensive industry.

We have invested to a great extent in technology and skills to ensure that our customers have cost effective, scalable solutions that are developed using the best of technologies.

Our Production services are flexible and based on the customer needs to handle low and high volume production of both high and low-mix products.

We can provide scalable solutions that cater to unique supply chain demands. Throughout the design, assembly and testing stages, quality holds the highest priority. This is evident from the fact that we inspect our PC board Assemblies to IPC-610-F class 2 & 3 requirements.

We have also enforced flexible assembly lines that can be easily and efficiently turned around. Whether you need a prototype or are ready for sustained volume production, our flexible manufacturing environment offers quick turn, high quality printed circuit board production and assembly that can scale to meet the changing needs.

Our Capabilities include:

  • Single and double-sided surface mount (SMT) assembly.
  • Automated pin through-hole (PTH) assembly
  • Ball grid array (BGA) and Micro BGA assembly supported with rework
  • Chip scale package (CSP) and quad flat packages (QFP) assembly
  • Passive discrete packages down to 0201
  • Electromechanical assemblies & system integration
  • Flex circuit assembly
  • Wave soldering for ROHS and leaded components
  • Aqueous and no-clean chemistries
  • Conformal coating, encapsulation & potting
  • Selective wave soldering options
  • Test development for functional and In-circuit test
  • Box build & electromechanical assemblies
  • Final systems test
  • Final Product Assembly (Box Build)

We use SAP R/3 resource planning software to organize and plan manufacturing workflow. Our engineering team works with customers to produce detailed plans and documentation to ensure the requirements are executed correctly and to specification .