Chip on Board

Chip on Board

The chip on board facility housed in clean room class 10000 environment has fully automatic wire bonders designed to provide fine pitch, high speed and flexible wedge bonding package.

This flexible bonder offer amazing bonding capability in wide range of products including multi-die, high density matrix, chip-on-flex and chip-on-glass. We can provide mix technology products which can accommodate a bare die, fine pitch wire bonding, conventional surface mount components and several encapsulation options.

Placing wire-bond die and SMT components in the same product provides system-level integration that yields flexibility, cost savings and the opportunity to bring products out to market faster than conventional system on a chip methodologies.

Features of our chip on board processes:

    • Wire bonding accuracy of ± 68 µm.
    • The capacity of 3, 00,000 wires per day.
    • Die bonding accuracy up to ± 100 µm.
    • Both manual as well as semi-automatic die bonding facility.
  • Can handling Chip on tray, conductive or nonconductive epoxy.
  • Encapsulation accuracy up to ± 100 µm.
  • Use of black or transparent epoxy.
  • Housed in Class 10000 cleanroom ESD safe environment.