Conformal Coating

Conformal Coating

We have invested in advanced automatic selective conformal coating equipment’s that deliver great precision and throughput rates not matched by hand application. We also offer manual coating wherever required.

We utilize the PVA 650 Selective Coater with UV2000 Curing Oven for the conformal coating process. The system will support a variety of coating material types from UV based urethane to and acrylic coatings.

The state of the art coating facility brings high flexibility and with an competent team we are able to match the customer specifications. We also do conformal coating by manual spray, brush and dip in special cases and ensure coating reliability.

Our Capabilities include:

  • Fully automated conformal coating and inspection.
  • Flexibility to spray and dispense.
  • In line UV Curing that will ensure fast cure of conformal material.
  • Ability to handle multiple conformal materials of variable viscosity.
    • Capability to provide coating thickness as per the customers need.
    • Flexibility to perform selective conformal coating.
    • Spraying for accurate viscosity and thickness of the coating
    • Tilting capability to spray on underneath components.

Our conformal coating equipment can handle selective coatings as per the product needs and we can offer thickness within the desired product specifications. Our inspection standards and measurement tools ensure the coating application is as per the customer expectations.

Encapsulation: PCBs are encapsulated in resin to protect against vibration, shock, liquid or for intrinsic safety. Encapsulation using dispensing equipment provides an automatically self-metered encapsulation process. We use black epoxy to perform encapsulation of bare chips and ensure consistent coverage.

Liquid dispensing: The Fisnar make liquid dispensing robot enables adhesives and other liquid materials to be applied automatically for repeat operations. It can also be used for coating, potting and filling.