BGA Device Technology

BGA Device Technology

We believe in technology based manufacturing services with a range of leading edge tools to match. We have demonstrated a large experience of manufacturing surface mount PCB assemblies using BGA and leadless devices.

With a full range of capabilities, we support customers with design, manufacture and re-work across the complete product life cycle.

Our experienced IPC technicians support a broad range of products and component technologies, from BGA’s, QFN and technically challenging leadless products.

Our technology tools for BGA & leadless chips include:

  • Automated & semi-automated BGA placement.
  • BGA Re-work and device upgrade.
  • X-Ray with 3D real time inspection.
  • Martin make Infrared re-work station. (Large format capability)
  • Baking ovens for BGAs & MSL devices.
  • BGA Re-balling and soldering.
  • Thermal engineering tools and software.
  • Highly experienced IPC trained technicians.

We can place all known components and devices, regardless of the pitch and physical size. Our experience in thermal processing ensures that products are manufactured correctly, checked for conformance or re-worked to exacting standards. Our expertise is available to support complex electronic PCB assemblies through the complete product lifecycle.

Repair and rework of printed circuit board assemblies and electronic equipment require a high degree of skill and appropriate facilities. For product upgrades, field repairs and rework of defects, our technicians are trained to the appropriate IPC standards, together with equipment to find faults and correct them.