Wave Soldering

Wave Soldering

We offer assembly solutions for products that exclusively use through-hole components, as well as assemblies that utilize both surface mount and through-hole components.

Our through-hole assembly processes are manual and automated, depending on the nature of the assembly and the requirements.

For surface mount assemblies also utilizing through-hole components, we provide glue-dot, selective solder, or hand solder options as appropriate, ensuring repeatability as well as adaptability in manufacturing.

Whether the assembly need is a simple through-hole design or a complex application combining double-sided surface mount and through hole components in combination, we have the tools and experience to complete the job.

We are fully equipped to handle all types of through-hole components. Our extensive through-hole assembly capabilities include component preparation, component insertion, wave solder and PCB cleaning. We have dedicated RoHS as well as leaded solder line and equipment.

The lead-free wave soldering equipment can handle boards up to 330 mm width. We use foam fluxing technology and commit to no clean flux. The convection type preheats length of 1400 mm and a solder tank capacity of 350 Kg ensures quality solder across a varying thickness of boards. The dual wave soldering machine ensures a reliable soldering process. The machine is capable of soldering boards as high as 6-ounce copper thickness. With connected insertion line, we ensure high throughputs per shift.