Testing Solutions

Testing Solutions

We perform comprehensive testing on all products to ensure defect free deliveries to our customers. We ensure our customers get the product right the first time and guarantee its performance and reliability.

The testing strategy is to apply the right mix of automated testing and inspection methods under the basic objective of providing complete test coverage.

Our test engineers can develop a cost effective in-circuit testing and customised functional test system to verify performance of products from PCBAs.

subassemblies to final finished assemblies:

  • In-Circuit Test: Our team can optimize the fixture design and make a recommendation on the choice of ICT solution. We can also assist in providing test points on the PCB to ensure maximum coverage.
  • Functional Test: We will come with functional testing solutions for products by identifying the required information and take responsibility to develop testing solutions that can achieve comprehensive test coverage.
  • Automated Test Development: We have the capability to automate functional tests and provide a complete test simulation solution as per the product need. We have demonstrated the end of line testing solutions to our customers.

We provide a full scale of various testing solutions that include :

  • Functional Test
  • In Circuit Test (ICT)
  • Full System Test / Temperature Cycling
  • Environmental & Burn-In Test
  • RF Communication based test
  • Automated Test Development