Supply Chain Management

Supply Chain Management

Being a supply chain management partner means more to us than just manufacturing printed circuit board assemblies. Our customers leverage our supply chain management expertise to receive high quality products without a high inventory risk.

Our procurement department is organized into commodity and customer focused teams responsible for new product purchasing support, key supplier partnerships, material acquisition plans and demand/pull agreements.

We have built exceptional supplier relationship which means lower costs and faster delivery of high quality material for your project. Our supply chain management system incorporates systematic approaches to improve lead times, deliveries and quality.

Supply Chain Management Services at a Glance:

  • Procurement Expertise – We work with commodity buyers with whom we have decades of supplier relationships and can negotiate the lowest total cost solution for our customers. We can also recommend options that can deliver the performance you require at a lower total cost. Our buyers can also help in the area of obsolete components on whether to find a different source or recommend an alternative
  • Established Supplier Relationships – We have long-standing relationships with key suppliers we have worked with to deliver value to our customers. You get the benefit of our experience in knowing which ones are best suited for your situation.
  • Faster Delivery – The close relationships we have with our approved suppliers has enabled us to provide an exceptional delivery track record for our customers.
  • Procurement Flexibility – We can manage the entire procurement process for you turnkey or can manage raw material on a consignment basis.
  • Reduced Inventory – Supplier agreements, contracts, and bonded inventory help to minimize our customers’ inventory exposure. Our ability to integrate with your JIT or Kanban process assures you get the product only when you need it.
  • Procurement Efficiency – SAP planning systems control every stage of production and maintain the flow of material crucial for continuous production and on-time delivery of the project. It also allows us to respond faster to any changes while minimizing inventory exposure.
  • RoHS Expertise – Our proactive approach to RoHS years ago follows with a proven track record in supplying RoHS compliant circuit board assemblies and complete turnkey products to our customers.

With material acquisition and management a considerable cost factor for our customers, we have refined our procurement process to significantly lower these costs and pass along the savings. Our purchasing team maximizes material savings and brings leveraged buying power through supply-chain management and strategic alliances, while our supplier certification program ensures the highest material quality.